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TimberTech 5.5″ x 5.5″ Post Sleeve

TimberTech 5.5″x 5.5″ Composite Post Sleeves are compatible for use with Premier Railing®, RadianceRail®, Trademark™, and Drink Rail).

For all applications, a structural post must be used inside the Post Sleeve. Should be either 4X4 Pressure Treated Wood post or Secure mount post (see recommended products). 4×4 lumber posts must be installed plumb and level with each other.

Post cap and post skirt sold separately (See Related items for infills).

If Installing post lighting, wiring must be installed prior to securing posts to deck/stair surface and installing top rails.


TimberTech Classic Composite Series Railing is a simple system with endless design options, combines four railing collections into one. It uses the NEW TimberTech Universal Rail and offers four top rail options: Premier Rail, Radiance Rail, Trademark Rail and a deck board for the NEW Drink Rail option. This allows for easy, intuitive ordering with fewer components. Designed for the homeowner who wants an impactful railing design that complements the deck as well as the home’s exterior.

 To start ordering your railing there are number of standard procedures every homeowner need to go thru

– Selecting the desired color

– TimberTech Classic series railing is available 6’, 8’ and 10’ sections. Make your drawing and find out how many 6’, 8’and 10’ sections you need. Doing this process try to make all railing sections on a row same size (for 18’ railing section do 6’-6’-6’ from 6’ sections or 9’-9’ from 10’ section and NOT 8’-10’). Please note that glass sections available only 6’. Sections length are considered from center of post to center of post. Therefore, the actual length of 6’,8’ and 10’ section would be slightly less. Since TimberTech Classic series uses same section for Horizontal and Stair railing application there is no need in this stage separate Number of Horizontal Railing sections needed from Number of Stair sections needed (Just consider total number)

– Determine the height of your railing. As per Ontario buildings code:

i. if the deck/porch height above the grade is 5’ and more then your railing’s handrail should be min 42” high from decking surface.

ii. If the deck/porch height from the grade is less than 5’ your railing’s handrail should be min 36” high from decking surface.

iii. If the deck/porch height from the grade is less than 2’, then you allowed to have your deck/porch without railing.

Follow the below steps to purchase TimberTech all Classic Series railing.

You are on STEP 4

STEP 1. Choose a Color and Kit or Pack

STEP 2. Choose a top rail

STEP 3. Choose infill

STEP 4. Choose Post sleeves

Option 1. TimberTech 5.5”x 5.5” Post Sleeves:

  • use 39” Post Sleeve for 36” level railing.
  • use 54” Post Sleeve for 42” level height and stair Applications.
  • use 144” Post Sleeve to cut to Custom Post Heights for all applications

Option 2. TimberTech 5”x5”Post Sleeves:

  • use 42” Post Sleeve for level and stair applications.
  • use 144” Post Sleeve to cut to Custom Post Heights for all applications

Option 3. 4”x4” post sleeves are also available. Contact DeckMart for details

STEP 5. Choose Post Caps

STEP 6. Choose Post Skirts

STEP 7. Final Touch (Optional)