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Timbertech 4″ x 4″ Post Skirt

TimberTech  4″x4″ Post Skirts are available in White, Black and Kona


To start ordering your Railing there are number of standard procedures every homeowner need to go thru

  • Selecting the desired color
  • TimberTech RadianceRail Express Railing is available 6’and 8’. Make your drawing and find out how many 6’ and 8’ sections you need. Doing this process try to make all railing sections on a row same size (for 20’ railing section do 5’-5’-5’-5’ from 6’ sections or 7’-7’-7’ from 8’ section and NOT 6’-6’-8’). Sections length are considered from center of post to center of post. Therefore, the actual length of 6’ and 8’ section would be slightly less. Unlike TimberTech Classic series TimberTech RadianceRail Express Railing has Horizontal and Stair railing sections. Therefore, it is important in this stage to realize Number of Horizontal Railing and Stair Railing sections.
  • Decide the height of your railing. As per Ontario buildings code:

i. if the deck/porch height above the grade is 5’ and more then your railing’s handrail should be 42” high from decking surface.

ii. If the deck/porch height from the grade is less than 5’ your railing’s handrail should be 36” high from decking surface.

iii. If the deck/porch height from the grade is less than 2’, then you allowed to have your deck/porch without railing.