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Antique Leather

TimberTech Antique Leather Boards are available in “solid” (also called square shouldered) and “grooved” boards.
Grooved boards used to install main deck using CONCEALoc hidden fasteners.
Solid boards used to install picture frame of deck perimeter and steps. Install Solid boards using either color matching Starborn CAP-TOR® xd screws or Starborn Pro Plug System®.


TimberTech Antique Leather Boards represent TimberTech Reserve Collection.
TimberTech Antique Leather Boards have manufacturer’s 30 years Fade and Stain warranty plus lifetime limited warranty for performance.
TimberTech Antique Leather Boards unlike most competitors are capped from all 4 sides, including grooves of grooved boards. This feature dramatically reduces any kind of potential moisture impact to zero.


Board Type Fastener
Grooved boards CONCEALoc- grooved deck clips
TigerClaw–  500sq.f. – grooved deck clips to be installed with pneumatic gun
Solid boards/Square shoulder boards Pro Plug System®  – plugs made from the same deck material
Starborn CAP-TOR® xd – head-coat S/S composite screws